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Above us was a conversation going on between two women.

They were talking about the resort, blah blah blah.

This sort of special intelligence cooperation is a regular occurrence under the "Five Eyes" program. Obviously, when used correctly and legally, this is an important counter-terrorism tool. government still has, new legislation notwithstanding, is how to assure the proper handling of extremely personal information that is completely unrelated to any counter terrorism or criminal activity.

In less serious circumstances, it can also be a way for a one character to learn what someone else thinks of them.

So whenever Alice is unseen but can hear Bob talking, chances are Bob will say something important about Alice.

There will also be occasions where Carol, whom Bob is talking to about Alice, knows full well that Alice is listening and will often be asked to talk to Bob specifically for this sort of information.

Or, of course, that Bob knows (or guesses, or hopes) it and tailors his talk to Alice in a way that Carol won't realize it.

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